Thursday, June 18, 2015

Etymotic’s ETY•Kids Protects Young Users of Mobile Devices

However kids choose to entertain themselves on long trips, they are almost certainly incorporating portable mobile devices. A relatively inexpensive upgrade to the supplied earbuds or perhaps off the shelf "cheapies," are Etymotic's ETY•Kids Safe Listening Earphones.

If parents can hear music from the backseat when kids are using headphones or earphones, then it's just plain too loud! An easy way to avoid the argument and automatically put concerns about excessive sound levels to rest is with ETY•Kids.

Etymotic's ETY•Kids Safe Listening Earphones seal the ear canal and kids naturally turn the sound down when wearing them. Over the ear headphones and earbuds "leak" sound and kids turn them up in order to achieve greater fidelity. With ETY•Kids' tight seal in the ear, there is no leak. And, if kids insist on turning it up, ETY•Kids will govern excessive sound, keeping sounds and music in the ears optimal sweet spot for best fidelity. Vacations are for relaxing, so why not let parents rest easy knowing their child's safety is in good hands with ETY•Kids

Available at, Amazon, and select retailers, ETY•Kids cost $39. When it comes to cumulative and irreversible hearing loss, what's the price of healthy hearing?

My Thoughts

Anyone who has kids knows that headphones are an integral part of their daily existence. My kids have their ear-buds in place while they do chores, on the way home from the bus, and even while they play sports. I can't blame them, I like music too. It always helps me think, but they have a tendency to turn them up to loud. The ETY•Kids are specially engineered to provide safe sound input, protecting your kids from noise that could intentionally damage their hearing. This makes them a great choice for kids of all ages.

Aside from safety, the two most important things about headphones are sound quality and comfort, and ETY•Kids  has mastered them both. With these headphones, if you close your eyes,  you'll feel like you're sitting center stage at a concert, only without all the people yelling in the background. They are great for folks who like to listen to music when they go to bed because you'll barely notice they're in your ears. They are so comfortable it makes it easy to drift away.
The ETY•Kids  headphones come in a variety of colors, have a sturdy cable that doesn't tangle easily, and comes with four extra bud covers and a clip. It even includes a nice bag for storage. They are definitely a great choice for a gift for kids, and one you can feel good about giving.