Thursday, June 18, 2015

AirFree Air Purifiers - Clean the air you breath.

Spring is here and along with the blooming flowers comes allergy season. Many are already dealing with side effects like itchy eyes, runny nose and constant sneezing. One of the main allergens to blame right now is mold. With the amount of snow we had this year there is a lot more moisture in the air which gets caught up in homes and turns into mold spores. This can trigger allergies for millions even for those who typically do not have them. Many think that by just shutting the doors and windows they will be able to escape the invisible mold spores that are in the air all around us, but the truth is the only way to rid the air of it is to sterilize the air. One of the best things allergy sufferers can do is to purchase an air purifier, however, most do not realize that products with air filters capture the mold spores and causes growth on the filter. AirFree Air Purifier is an air purifier that sterilizes the air without the use of a filter and allows air to flow in and out while killing airborne allergens like pollen, dust mites and mold.

By using heat to destroy airborne allergens, AirFree sucks in microbiological antigens and kills them through heat. AirFree is highly effective and has won many awards for its efficiency. It is a patented technology that requires no maintenance and is completely silent.

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My Thoughts

I've been using the AirFree 3000 for over a week. I unpacked it and read all the instructions, expecting it to be more complicated then it was. Did I need to add water somewhere, put a filter in, etc? All I kept reading was to plug it in and that was it. Surely, that couldn't be all? Yup, that's all. Unpack it from the box and plug it in. 

There is no sound. NONE. Again, I was sure something was wrong. Yes, a blue light turned on, letting me know the device was on, but that was it. So I went back to the manual and started to read it again. By the time I read this for the third time, I noticed where it stated it was quiet, giving out no sound, and it required no maintenance. Which means to plug it in and forget it.

I set my air purifier up in our family room since that is where we spend the most time as well as our animals. The device has a fresh small to it. My husband said it was like a new car smell. After being on for 24 hours, my living room seemed to have a fresher scent. While I can't see air to tell if it's cleaner, it seems to have crisper sense.

The blue light stays on all the time. There is a place where you can turn the light off on the bottom of the unit. I have left it on. The device can be hot to touch, so warn little kids not to touch. It wouldn't burn them, but it would be warm and might scare them.

It has stayed pretty clean. I haven't had to wipe the bottom of the unit yet where it pulls the air in. I still have a hard time with the fact that it's maintenance free and no filter to change, but this all in all in a good thing that way I don't have to think about it. Just plug it in and let it clean.

I have been very pleased with air purifier. I really do feel like it's doing its job, keeping the room fresh and the air cleaner. 

*Note: You can move this to a different room after setting it up, but know it takes 24 hours for the air to all circulate and be cleansed.*