Saturday, March 28, 2015

Review: Kidz Bop 28

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My Thoughts

I listened to this soundtrack with my children. They've gotten to the age when in the car they request for me to change to their station. Which isn't a bad thing since it gives me a chance to see what they prefer to listen to. I was familiar with almost every song on this disk.

The nice thing about the kids who since the hit songs, are they are clean. Such as in Up Town Funk, the word liquor isn't used. Instead, kids are hearing alternate words.

I think the singers did a great job with each song. If I didn't know I was listening to this disk, I might have thought they were the same singers I'd heard on the radio. This gets a big mom's thumb up.

My children also enjoyed it. They thought it was a little strange at first hearing someone else sing their songs, but soon I found them listening to this CD over the radio station. My kids give this a thumbs up too!