Monday, December 8, 2014

Satin Pillowcases Sprinkle Fairy Dust on Morning Routine

As many parents and caregivers know, brushing out their little girls’ hair puts a damper on the morning routine. The Hair Fairy, a new line of customized satin pillowcases for girls aged three and up, takes the tangle out of this frustrating ritual just in time for the holidays. 

The benefits of sleeping on a satin pillowcase have been known for generations: satin maintains salon styling and promotes smooth frizz-free hair and healthy skin. But, until now, no one has designed a satin pillowcase specifically for little girls. The special tight weave and high sheen of Hair Fairy’s luxurious satin retains hair moisture, avoiding the rat’s nests that come from the friction of sleeping on cotton or cotton blend pillowcases and each pillowcase comes with adorable fairy doll, Harriet.

Life without rat’s nests and painful morning brush outs is no longer a fairy tale with the Hair Fairy, a unique present that extends well past the holiday season, making it a truly special gift for all of the sugar plum fairies in our lives.

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My thoughts:

Love this!  This pillow case is so silky smooth.  Once you put your child's pillow into the pillow case, it stays nice and snug.  Not like regular pillow cases where the pillow may fall out of the one end. There aren't any ends on this. There is an opening in the center of this case and than the one end flaps over the other.  The little fairy that comes along with this pillow case is adorable.  She has her own little pocket spot. 

  • Fits standard size pillow (measures approx. 20" x 26")
  • Made with machine-washable polyester satin
  • Pillowcase has envelope closure in back
  • Comes with Hair Fairy doll (measures approx. 6" x 4")

My ten year old has hair down to the middle of her back.  And every morning is a battle brushing her hair.  And now since she has been sleeping with this Hair Fairy satin pillow case, what a difference. Her hair isn't all matted or knotted.  Makes the mornings a lot more pleasant without my daughter putting up a fight of brushing her hair.  She also loves the fairy doll, and sneaks her  into her book bag to take to school with her.  I am definitely going to get a couple more of these.  

These would make a great gift for any little girl.   They come in three different colors:  Cotton Candy Pink, Cloud White and Preppy Polka dot.  And they each come with their own hair fairy doll.