Friday, May 25, 2018

Sea Wolf on DVD

Jack London’s bestselling adventure is definitively brought to the screen as an epic miniseries event—a unique blend of high-seas adventure and psychological thriller that will stir, inspire, and excite its fans like never before. 
Wolf Larsen (Sebastian Koch) is the tyrannical Captain of the notorious seal hunting vessel, the Sea Wolf. While on the high seas, he takes on castaway Humphrey Van Wyden (Stephen Campbell Moore). But instead of abandoning him at the next harbor, Wolf puts the mild mannered literary critic to work and rules over him with an unyielding iron fist. Much to Wolf's surprise, the graft transforms Van Wyden into a hardened adversary - every bit as formidable as Wolf himself. But it's not until the appearance of Wolf brother, Death (Tim Roth), and Maud (Neve Campbell), the daughter of a rival ship owner that the dynamic truly explodes into life, leaving three men to war over love, duty, life and death.

My Thoughts
I love historical films, and this one is awesome. It's inspired by the novel Jack London, and is s stunning mini series. The story centers around the captain of a seal hunting vessel. He takes aboard a castaway and puts him to work, making an enemy who may actually take him down eventually.
This is such a great film. I remember watching it when it first came  on television, and I was thrilled to see it on DVD, and was thrilled to find it on DVD. It has a little bit of everything. There adventure, drama, and even a little romance. You can grab a copy of this awesome film for yourself online at Mill Creek.