Wednesday, May 9, 2018


From the creators of the BAFTA Best Drama Winner Shameless (UK) and BAFTA Best Miniseries winner National Treasure, Acorn TV features the DVD debut of the new school-based British drama ACKLEY BRIDGE, Series 1 on May 8, 2018. Ackley Bridge offers a gritty, funny and truthful insight into the daily drama of teachers, teenagers and families whose lives and cultures collide in a fictional 21st century Northern town. The DVD 2-Disc set features 6 episodes, plus bonus behind-the-scenes featurette ($39.99, Ackley Bridge, Series 1 made its U.S. premiere in February 2018 on Acorn TV. Called a “glorious streaming service… an essential must-have” (The Hollywood Reporter), Acorn TV is North America’s most popular streaming service focused on British and international television from RLJ Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLJE). Series 2 has already been commissioned.

After years of racial segregation in a small Yorkshire town, two high schools integrate white and Pakistani students by combining into Ackley Bridge College. But the transition is far from easy for teachers and students alike. Headmistress Mandy (Jo Joyner, EastEnders) clashes with her husband, PE teacher Steve (Paul Nicholls, Law & Order: UK), and free-spirited English teacher Emma (Liz White, Life on Mars) deals with her daughter showing up drunk to class. Troublemaker Jordan (Samuel Bottomley, Wolf Hall) creates enemies by disparaging the school, while best friends Missy (Poppy Lee Friar, Mr Selfridge) and Nasreen (Amy-Leigh Hickman, EastEnders) quarrel when vivacious Missy doesn’t fit in with Nasreen’s conservative Muslim friends. Will Ackley Bridge unite the community—or tear it apart?

Tackling complex issues like racism, homophobia, and religious discrimination with clarity and compassion, this timely drama also provides a “very funny insight into modern Britain” (The Australian). The excellent ensemble cast features Adil Ray (Citizen Khan), Anneika Rose (Line of Duty), Arsher Ali (The Missing), and Sunetra Sarker (Broadchurch).

Street Date: May 8, 2018                  SRP: $39.99

DVD 2-Disc Set: 6 episodes – Approx. 287 min., plus bonus – SDH Subtitles – UPC 054961266494

Bonus: Behind-the-scenes featurette (46 min.)

Contains strong language, violence, sexual situations and drug use

My Thoughts

Ackley Bridge is a new series about a small Yorkshire town. Two schools merge and white and Pakistani teens have to learn to work together. The transition does not go easily for the kids or the teachers as they come to terms with their differences. This first season includes six episodes.  

1- Two schools that were segregated merge.. Troublemakers give teaches a hard time from day one.

2- Jordyn blackmails Steve and Missy's plots to get Nasreen back backfire.

3- Nasreen confesses to kissing a teacher. Steve forms a rugby team. Mandy regrets her affair with the school sponsor.

4- Missy gets a pick shock but must keep it a secret. Lila comes out of the closet.

5- Missy skips girl and Nasreen argues with her parents about an arranged marriage. Steve won't forgive Mandy's affair.

6- Mandy plans an open day to get people to visit, but Jordan's outburst ruins the event.

I really enjoyed this show. I may relate to it on a different level because my half-brother is Pakistani. We met late in life, and have learned to embrace each other's differences, and I see this community working to grow in the community in the same way. The series has a great premise and lots of drama to keep it interesting. If you'd like to grab a copy for yourself, its available now on Acorn Media or on Amazon.


Christina Almond said...

I've never heard of this but it sounds really interesting to watch--I think I would enjoy it!

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