Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Crystal Seer: Power Crystals for Magic, Meditation & Ritual

Within every crystal is a message. Each stone has a story that can teach and heal us if we reflect deeply on its image. Written by the world's leading crystal expert, Judy Hall, The Crystal Seer is a portable crystal reference and oracle. Readers can peruse the pages until their finger catches a page or simply choose a stone that speaks to them. Each entry includes a dazzling full-color crystal image and explains its magical power and how it can be used in meditation and ritual. Whether used intuitively or as a reference guide, The Crystal Seer will show you how to tap into the power of the stones. 

My Thoughts

I love crystals and stones and have a massive collection of them. I have been working with crystals for years, but there is always more to learn. Sometimes I just buy a stone because I like the look of it or feel drawn to it, and don't even know what it is. This book is great because it lists dozens of different types of crystals and how they can be used in magic, ritual, and meditations. With this book, I can look up the name of the stone or match up my crystals to the vivid photos to make sure I know what I'm working with. Unlike most of my other books, this one even includes some of the more recent discoveries. I especially loved he details on aura quartz which have been bonded with other minerals to enhance their effects.

The book is very well organized. All the crystals are listed in alphabetical order. On one side, you have a full page photo of the stone. The other side gives you lots of information including the place of origin, and how to use your stones for healing and transformation. In addition to getting the rundown on your crystals, this book also gives you a brief refresher on chakras, and a glossary with a lot of common terms. 

I really enjoyed this book. It is beneficial to experienced rock hounds as well as newbies. It will help you better connect with your favorite crystals by providing insight into their properties and tips on how to best use them.