Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Exciting New Additions from Mean Green

Back in March, I told you all about Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner and how it helped me make my home sparkle. While the all purpose cleaner is an awesome product, there is still more to love about Mean Green. One amazing new addition to their line is the Auto & Garage Cleaner & Degreaser. Now that it's practically summer, cleaning the car is top on my list of things to do.  It's not my favorite job, but Mean Green has made it easy.  I've honestly never really looked under my hood before. I've trusted my mechanic to do what needs to be done, and never thought about cleaning anything under there. However, grease can build up on your engine and should get cleaned from time to time. The Auto & Garage Cleaner & Degreaser made my engine look ten times better than before. After just a few squirts, I saw silver chrome that I was sure had disappeared forever. 

Engines aren't the only places where grease can build up. I gave a bottle of the Auto & Garage Cleaner & Degreaser to my mother to try out as well. She had an old oil stain on the concrete in her garage. After scrubbing the spot with Mean Green, it was like that oil was never there. It had been there for years and nothing else she tried had worked. She was thrilled with the results she got with Mean Green.

In addition to the Auto & Garage Cleaner & Degreaser, there are also a few other new additions to the Mean Green line of cleaning products. If you love the Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner, the Heavy Duty Wipes are perfect for quick clean ups. The disposable wipes will make quick work of even your biggest messes.

And speaking of cleaning your car, how about a Car Wash in a bottle? With Mean Green Car Wash, there is no bucket required since the bottle attaches to your hose. I'll definitely  be looking for this one in my local stores! 

If you want to learn more about Mean Green and all the products they offer, check them out on their website or their social media.  Look for all these amazing products on shelves at your local stores today. Remember, there's nothing wrong with getting "mean" when it comes grease and grime.

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Marti Tabora said...

I have used Mean Green Cleaner off and on for years, but I had not idea that they made a car wash. I think I may need to give that a try. I'm all for anything that makes washing my car easier.

VickieC said...

I have used this product and it is really great

Sandra Preti said...

I'm a user of this product and I highly recommend!

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