Monday, March 13, 2017

Mean Green 101

I am meticulous when it comes to cleaning my bathroom and kitchen. I'm in there at least twice a day scrubbing things down. I used to have five different bottles that I lugged around the house with me. Mean Green changed all that.  Their Super Strength Cleaner was just the tool I needed to keep things sparkling. This one product will clean the entire bathroom and kitchen so you only need one bottle.  I tested it out all over my house. With four kids and four pets, we create a lot of messes, but there was nothing that Mean Green couldn't handle. Here are just a few examples of it's cleaning power.

My children love to throw dirty dishes into the sink and just leave them there. Rinsing the dishes or the sink never occurs to them.  Because of this, there is always something crusted to the bottom of the sink that doesn't come off easily. However, after a few squirts of Mean Green, it came right up without any harsh scrubbing that will scratch up my sink. 

The next challenge was grease. We had hamburgers for dinner the other night. They are one of the only things all four kids eat willingly, but I hate how the grease splashes all over the stove. Normally, I have a hard time getting it cleaned up, but Mean Green cuts through grease like it's nothing but water.

Next, I headed to the bathroom The top image is my bathroom trashcan. My youngest son had a nose bleed and tossed bloody tissues into the can. Even after I dumped the trash, it looked like a crime scene took place. Mean Green took care of these dried on stains in seconds, leaving the trashcan looking good as new.

The bottom image is my bathroom sink. This morning I controlled myself long enough to let my family really dirty the sink. My teen son shaved and my younger kids brushed their teeth, and of course, no one rinsed out the sink when they were done. After just a few squirts of  Mean Green, the sink looked clean and as shiny as the day we got it.  I love a clean bathroom. I also love a cleaner that isn't overpowering. Mean Green has barely any scent at all and certainly no harsh chemical smells, but it's still packed with power.

Perhaps the best example of the power of Mean Green was my shower. There was some built up grime I have been struggling with for months. I have tried bleach and every bathroom cleaner I could find, but nothing got these stains off, until I tried Mean Green. The photo speaks for itself. From splotchy brown to pure white in just minutes! I was actually considering getting a new tub until I saw these results!

Mean Green worked wonders in both the kitchen and the bathroom. It cut through grease stains on the oven. It made the sink shine, but it was gentle on the counter tops. Plus, there are plenty of other uses for it as well. It works on clothing stains, rugs, garages, and so much more. This is definitely a great all purpose cleaner without the chemical smell that so many other cleaners have.

If you want to learn more about Mean Green and all the products they offer, check them out on their website or their social media.  Look for this amazing product on shelves at your local stores today. Remember, there's nothing wrong with getting "mean" when it comes dirt and grime.

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