Tuesday, December 20, 2016

7th Heaven Dead Sea Peel-Off Mask Review.

The Dead Sea Peel-Off Mask from 7th Heaven harnesses the therapeutic properties of Dead Sea salts and seaweed.  Wear it while relaxing, and then peel off to reveal naturally glowing, fresher, cleaner skin. The mask features crushed sea salt crystals to deep cleanse and purify, seaweed to fight free radicals, and chamomile to soothe. Only $2.50 for each single serve mask.  

My Thoughts: 

I was thrilled to try these masks from 7th Heaven. I have enjoyed the products I've used by them in the past, so I knew this was going to be a great new addition. These masks are lovely! 

Before applying, I began by cleansing my face before use. I opened the packs and instantly smelled the potent aroma. It was relaxing and energizing. The product was nice and thick. There's plenty of it in the pouch. It is easy to spread all over the face. The Dead Sea masks holds up well and do not fall off during application. You can feel the mask begin to dry as you relax. 

At first I got a cold sensation on my face after putting it on, but it didn't last long. At about the 20 minute mark I could feel the mask beginning to peel naturally. It was extremely easy to remove and came off almost completely together. The smell of the mask also stayed on my face and hands for a few hours. That evening I got into the shower before bed and cleansed my face. Afterwords, I applied my moisturizer and realized that some of my blackheads appeared to be closer to the surface. I had no issues removing them. I definitely think the mask had something to do with that! 

A tip for use: As you apply the mask, try not to get any in your hair. It will end up drying and flaking off. The first time I applied this it happened to me so I had to take some water and rinse. Despite that, this mask made me skin feel so smooth and radiant. Something I love about the 7th Heaven products too is that they are natural and good for your skin. This Dead Sea variety of their peel off masks is made with sea salt, seaweed, and soothing chamomile. A great combination for glowing skin! I highly recommend it.

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