Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Great Products to Simplify Holiday Cleaning

Evercare Belle Vie Lint Rollers; Retail Price: $3.49 - $4.49
Fashion and function come together in Evercare's stylish Belle Vie (French for "good life”) lint rollers. The unique handles are available in two different sizes and three new patterns - bold black and white, floral, and a geometric blue and white swirl. Since the easy-peel sheets get replaced, not the handle, consumers can choose a handle that reflects their personality and keep it for continued use. These new Belle Vie lint rollers join two distinctive patterns that are already available on the market: decorative black and white and a festive pastel.

My Thoughts

There's nothing worse than getting ready for a holiday gathering only to find you fancy sweater is covered in pet hair. I have one dog and three cats, so this is an ongoing problem in my home. Luckily,  Evercare's lint rollers are here to come to the rescue. Simply peel and roll around your clothing and hair disappears in seconds. Lint vanishes as well. If you need to get the hair off your sofa before company comes over, it works for that too. There are tons of sheets on each role, so they are sure to last for months at a time.  But what makes Evercare's lint roles really stand out is their trendy handles. They come in a variety of cool patterns and colors that go with any bedroom decor. 

Clorox Spin Dry Mop; Retail Price: $26.99
Consumers can now effortlessly conquer messy floors with the Clorox Spin Dry Mop from Butler. Featuring the company's exclusive Spin Drive™ Technology, this new mop allows consumers to avoid the twisting, squeezing and hard-to-use foot pumps required by traditional mops and other spinning mops. Additionally, the dual material mop head effortlessly spins out dirty water; includes a center pad for scrubbing tough spots; and has a pivoting mop head to reach under furniture and tight places. Consumers can also control the dampness of the mop head, depending on how much water is needed for a given task. The Clorox Spin Dry Mop is also reusable, washing machine friendly, and can detach into two pieces that fit nicely in the included bucket for compact storage.

My Thoughts

I hate mopping the floor. I think its my least favorite chore. I would rather clean the toilet. It's just such a hassle.  The mop is heavy and bulky. It's hard to get in the corners. I tried some of the brands with the disposable heads, but they are creating too much unnecessary waste. Plus the refills for the heads and the cleaning solution are way too expensive. But now, thanks to the Clorox Spin Dry Mop, I finally have a mop that I love that won't cost a fortune.

This is the coolest mop I have tried to date. The mop head gets dirt and grime that other mops leave behind. It's super absorbent so it soaks up any extra water so there are no puddles left behind. It's lightweight and the swivel head goes a full 360 degrees, making it easy to get in all the cracks and crevices. Then there is the bucket which is a wonder in itself. When you want to clean off your mop, you use the built in handle crank you can use to spin the mop dry.

Clorox Spin Dry Mop is truly a remarkable invention that can cut your cleaning time in half.  Replacement heads are also available. Nothing will get your floors cleaner than this mop. Its the functional and affordable choice. Check it out and get yours today! They are available in stores nationwide.

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