Monday, October 10, 2016

VitaFive vitmains delivered to your door, new website.

VitaFive is a subscription based box that is delivered every four weeks, full of the vitamins you need. Pick from their premade boxes - Beauty, Immune, Essential, Active, Brain, Heart, and Sleep. As well as packs for kids - Healthy Bones, Immune, and Essential. If you have specific needs, then you can build your own pack as well.

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My Thoughts

I reviewed VitaFive a few months back. Check out a more detailed review on their supplements HERE

VitaFive recently redid their website, in an attempt to make the checkout process quicker for their customers. I did visit their previous website and it was easy to navigate at the time, but there were a lot of steps in building or picking a pack and then getting to the check out process. Their new website is only 2-3 steps to get to the check out process.

It's a bright, eye catching website. I liked on the main page, the prices were right there for me to see and didn't leave me getting a surprise after I picked what I was interested in. There is a live chat operator when you get on the website, there to help and assist. But it doesn't take over the screen and you can easily ignore it if you choose.

I found the improvements to their website beneficial and didn't feel as though I needed to spend as much time navigating. Here are the changes that VitaFive made:

Site 1.0:

  • 6-8 steps to checkout
  • 3 ways into the shopping experience
  • 1 size fits all step by step process
Site 2.0 (the new site):

  • 2-4 steps to checkout
  • 10 ways into the shopping experience 
  • entrances into each product for perfect targeting towards interested customers.

I really like VitaFive vitamins. They are a favorite in my house and my husband and I battle out who gets the last pack. We've gotten to try the Beauty Pack and have seen a noticeable difference when taking these vitamins.

If you're looking for a new vitamin and want something that is almost like having dessert first thing in the morning, then check out VitaFive. And enjoy their new easy to use website as you decide on what pack is best for you.