Tuesday, October 11, 2016

One of the "hottest" new trends- Sauna Warming Facial Masks.

7th Heaven has just created two new self-warming sauna facial masks, offered in generous single-serve sachets, that heat upon application.  This includes the following masks bursting with natural ingredients for the perfect skin treat.  MSRP $1.99 at Ulta Beauty, Bed Bath & Beyond, Harmond and more:

1. Red Hot Earth Sauna Masque - An anti-stress, deep pore cleansing formula for all skin types.  Cleanses to the core with rich volcanic clay and plant extracts.  The warming from application helps open pores to coax out impurities.

2. Hot Spring Sauna Masque - Exfoliates and nourishes for deep pore cleansing.  Contains volcanic spring powder and chopped ginger.  Also features bamboo for polishing and leaves skin glowing.

My Thoughts:

As a working college student, I love finding new ways to relax during the week that are quick and easy, but still just as soothing. These luscious creations by 7th Heaven are ideal for people on the go like me. I tried both of their new self-warming sauna selections, and I was highly impressed with my results! 

The first one I tried was the, Red Hot Earth Sauna Masque. There is plenty of it to give you a thick, soft lather. The product is not as red as it appears on the packaging. It's more of a bright pink color. Although they advertise that it is made with red clay, at first I felt it was a thinner texture than what I would think a clay mask would feel like. However, once I let it sit and tried to remove it, I realized how thick it actually was! It covered my face very well.

The masque is warm upon contact with your face. It slowly starts to cool off as it sits. The scent is not over bearing at all, which is perfect for me considering my allergies make me sensitive to heavy smells. The masque is made with squeezed lime, pressed jasmine, juiced grapefruit, as well as red clay. It is very refreshing! The masque is a non-drying formula, and to be left on for 15 minutes. It helps remove excess oil without drying the skin, while helping the user de-stress. Once I washed it off, my skin felt smoother, shinier, cleaner, and not oily at all! I loved it! The masque advertises that it works best when used once a week to maintain your glowing appearance! I will certainly be using it again.

The last masque I tried was the, Hot Spring Sauna Masque. I adored the smell of this one! The masque is made with volcanic spring minerals, chopped ginger, and pulped pumpkin. It's an exfoliating mask, so it also has bits of bamboo to remove dead skin cells, while opening up and cleaning pores. I felt there was not as much product in this one as the last, but this masque was also a lot thicker and grittier since it exfoliates. Still, there was plenty to apply to get full coverage. As you rub the masque on, the bamboo automatically begins exfoliating the skin. It is nice to not have to sit and rub excessively. For those that do have sensitive skin, I would advise to be careful not to rub too hard. There is plenty of bamboo in the masque to do the work for you. Once you wash it off, you get a good exfoliation as well. Like the Red Hot Masque, this is a nondrying formula that you wash off in 15 minutes. 

Upon putting the masque on, it heats up very quickly. I actually felt this one stayed warmer longer than the other, and warmed up again as I took it off. My skin felt incredibly smooth once I washed the masque away, and I could see some of my dead skin already coming off before rinsing. This will defiantly be my go to masque during the winter season when my skin gets very dry and flakes. 

I would highly recommend both of these luxurious and affordable masques from, 7th Heaven! You will not be disappointed with your results. I also have to highlight that I love that 7th Heaven is a company that creates all of their masques themselves by harvesting and pressing the ingredients, while also being approved by PETA, being cruelty free, and vegetarian standard approved. Plus, who wouldn't want to bring the comfort of a relaxing spa day to your home? These are two products you will love treating yourself to!  

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