Friday, June 17, 2016

Get your vitamins shipped right to you door with VitaFive

VitaFive is a subscription based box that is delivered every four weeks, full of the vitamins you need. Pick from their premade boxes - Beauty, Immune, Essential, Active, Brain, Heart, and Sleep. As well as packs for kids - Healthy Bones, Immune, and Essential. If you have specific needs, then you can build your own pack as well.

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My Thoughts

The first thing I have to say is these are the best tasting gummy vitamins I've tried. I wish I could eat more than one pack a day. I tried the Beauty Pack from VitaFive which comes with Biotin, Omega 3, and Vitamin C. I've been taking my pack roughly a week and in all honestly, I can see a difference in my skin and my nails are growing strong. I've never taken Omega before, so this is a new vitamin for me, as well as vitamin C. I normally take a B complex everyday that has biotin in it. The three vitamins I have been taking have really made a difference.

One of my favorite things about this box is the customization. It made me feel like I was a client and not just another address they had to ship a box to. Each pack in my box has my name on it.

I really liked that and felt it was an extra step they didn't have to take, but much appreciated. Especially if you have several boxes coming a month for family members.

It came well packaged and even had an information booklet so I could learn about my supplements and see what other ones they had to offer. After getting my box, I visited their website to check out all the things they had to offer. The website is very user friendly. Bright and colorful. They are available to chat, and I would guess be there to help you build a custom box if you explained what you're needing. As far as price, I didn't think it was bad at all. Such as the Beauty Pack I got is roughly $34.99 a month and comes every 4 weeks. You'll never forget to buy or run out of vitamins. And when stopping to consider the 3 supplements you get in it, it's very much worth the price.

If you're looking to add supplements to your life and don't want to be swallowing a bunch of pills, consider VitaFive. They make taking your vitamins feel like you're eating candy.


alissa apel said...

I love that they have products that better yourself. The design on them is cool to.

Sue Emery said...

I like the fact that each packet of vitamins are personally labeled for each client! I also like the chewable great taste, but I would keep it out of children's reach! They may mistaken it for a snack pack of gummies, which could be dangerous! This does sound like a good plan if you do take them faithfully everyday! I'd have to ask my doctor first.

VickieC said...

very interesting,,i like having my name on the package aswell