Friday, June 17, 2016

Remove dark circles and fine wrinkles with Frownies Eye Gel patches

Like Fine Wine

After years of continual facial motions such as laughing, smiling and squinting, you may be left with some unwanted expression lines. Before the bridal festivities commence, smooth out those pesky lines and show off your silky skin. Look years younger in just 30 minutes with Frownies Eye Gel patches. Expertly crafted with skin-friendly ingredients such as aloe, niacin, cool cactus collagen and natural vitamins derived from plant sources, you can safely reduce eye wrinkles. Unlike many other anti-aging treatments on the market, Frownies is dedicated to being completely free of artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, and toxic preservatives. 

Turn back the hands of time without the high risks of injections or facial surgery. Highly nourishing and luxurious, these anti-aging facial patches are proven to reduce eye wrinkles remarkably. Frownies Eye Gels are designed to rid dark spots, discoloration and fine lines. They are also easy to use and time efficient. Gently place these anti-aging patches under your eyes for 15 to 30 minutes. With one 30-minute treatment, 100% of women who used Frownies Eye Gels saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and dark circles under the eye.

Filled with tons of antioxidants, these potent moisturizing gel patches will make your eyes look fresh and lively. Each set of Frownies Eye Gels is reusable and can last up to 7 weeks. After each treatment it is recommended to place the gel patches back into the their plastic tray and into the refrigerator. Refrigeration will cause a cooling effect that is soothing and effective in the reduction of puffiness and red eyes. 

For nearly 130 years, Frownies has been helping women regain healthier, younger-looking skin. Since 1889, four generations of women have been dedicated in running this family owned business. Frownies are natural and effective treatments that retain facial muscles to prevent wrinkles and lines on the face.

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My results from one 30 minute treatment

My Thoughts

I've always dealt with dark circles under my eyes and constantly hear, "Are you tired?" Or if someone is joking,they say "You've got a lot of baggage under those eyes." I've spent so much money on creams for under my eyes and nothing really works. I figured, what could it hurt to give Frownies a try and see if they would make a difference.

They are resuable, so keep the package and place them back in and into the fridge. You're able to resuse them up to three times before having to discard the Frownies. 

These stay on for 15-30 minutes. I did 30 minutes. They are cool on the skin but light weight and not bothersome. I wore mine after I washed my face then put them on while I did some morning emails and social media time. After thirty minutes, I peeled them off. It didn't leave any sticky residue. Nothing to wipe off. I waited a few minutes and then was able to apply make-up and go about my day.

I did see a difference after 30 minutes if you look at my photo above. My dark circles seemed to be lighter. I don't have wrinkles as this time, so I can't say if it will help with that, but since it did help with my dark circles, I have faith it will help with other aging.

If you suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes, these are worth a try!