Thursday, September 29, 2016

September is National Preparedness Month! #GetReadyGetSafe #PrepStep

September is National Preparedness Month!

Children are the most vulnerable in emergency situations.  That’s why Save the Children encourages everyone to act to better protect kids BEFORE disaster strikes.

We’d love your support getting everyone to complete PREP STEP #1 in our #GetReadyGetSafe #PrepStep campaign the week of Sept. 25.  We’ll say thank you by sending two emergency go-bags to bloggers who:

1. Create ICE cards for your own children.
2. Post a blog the week of Sept. 25 encouraging readers to create ICE cards by Sept. 30 (the final day of National Preparedness Month, a.k.a. “PrepareAthon”).
3. Get three or more comments from readers who let you know they have created ICE cards, too.

Then send Mom Bloggers Club a link to your blog post and give them your mailing address to get your bags!

Here is info you can use for your blog post:

Make an ICE contact card for each child.

In Case of Emergency (ICE), would you be able to reunite quickly with your children?  

Prep Step #1 = Make ICE contact cards for each child at:

Did you know:

- Every day, 69 million U.S. children are separated from their families while they are at school or child care.
- After Hurricane Katrina there were more than 5,000 reports of missing children.  It took 7 months to reunite the last child with her family.
o (Here is a video of one such family:
- Your child’s ICE card should include 3 emergency contacts -- including an out-of-town contact, because during emergencies, local communications are often down.

Make your ICE contact cards at  It’s free and easy!  Fill out one form for your whole family online (Save the Children will not store your child’s info anywhere).  Print out the cards (you’ll get two copies for each child), cut and fold.  Put one copy in a luggage tag to keep inside your child’s bag.  Keep the other copy in your wallet.

Do the Prep Step!  Make emergency prep fun for the whole family.

Save the Children also created a fun song and dance called “The Prep Step” to help kids learn the 3 important prep steps every family should take.  Check it out!

Find the Prep Step *music video * dance tutorial video *and * resources * to complete the 3 prep steps on this landing page: 
#GetReadyGetSafe #PrepStep

Prep Step #1 = Make ICE cards for kids.
- Direct link =
Prep Step #2 = Make an emergency plan and practice as a family.
- Direct link to all checklists and tips  =
- (Direct link to English language family plan checklist :
Prep Step #3 = Make an emergency plan and practice as a family.
- (Direct link to supplies checklist

Prep Step music video:
Prep Step Dance Tutorial video:
Tutorial video:


Lacey Wolfe said...

What a great idea. I made and ICE card for my family.

Amber Fallon said...

This is a very creative and practical idea for families! I made an ICE card and I love it!

Blogger said...

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