Thursday, September 29, 2016

Keep Your Skin Soft This Fall with Dove Body Wash

As the temperatures go down and the heaters go up, our skin becomes more vulnerable to dry out very quickly. A gentle cleanser is necessary to protect skin from drying out, but not all body washes provide the care a woman’s skin needs. Luckily, Dove Body Wash is different.
Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash takes a dual approach to healthy looking skin by maintaining and nourishing its protective layer during cleansing. Formulated with the brand’sgentlest cleansers and NutriumMoisture technology, Dove Deep Moisture Body provides softer, smoother skin after one shower – making it the perfect fall beauty fix!

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My Thoughts:

I see Dove commercials constantly while watching television. The products always appear to be high quality and relaxing. It appears as if the users are going to have a luxurious spa day. After hearing so many good things, as well as seeing how much Dove campaigns for women, I was very excited to give these products a try. I personally love essential oils, and one of my main complaints has always been finding the perfect system to keep my dry skin away. My main trouble areas are my legs and hands. 

When the Dove goodies arrives, I instantly read over the information packet mailed with it. It was similar to what I have posted above. Everything sounded wonderful and I was ready to use them that evening in the shower! I started off by trying the Dove Nutrium Moisture Body Wash. It instantly bubbled into a light foam that spread easily. I could tell it was gentle on the skin, but was still effective. It creates a thick lather that's amazingly soft. It  truly feels like it locks in the moisture. After getting out, I was impressed to feel how soft my skin was. After pat drying, I could see the difference in the dryer spots of my body. I've used these products along with my usual after shower moisturizing routine for a couple weeks now and have loved the results! I'd highly recommend this Dove line to anyone looking for something to help with dry skin.


Really does moisturize your skin! 
You will feel and see the results quickly.
Smells great.
Fair price for the quality.
The size of the products are large.
Wonderful addition to my current after shower moisturizing routine.

The scent is very strong. If you're sensitive to heavy smells, these products may not be for you. However, I adjusted to the smell over time and it does not seem as strong to me now.