Thursday, September 22, 2016

Healthy Back-to-School Snack.

The school year is upon us, and once again, parents everywhere will be packing their children healthy and filling lunch bags to get them through the school day. Keep Healthy is the perfect, healthy snack to keep your kids fueled and focused all day long.

The base of these bars are made from dates- a superfood that is high in fiber, packed with antioxidants, and that has anti-inflammatory benefits. Other than dates there are a few additional ingredients, but don't worry, they are all ingredients that you're body will recognize and will be able to pronounce. Free of gluten, dairy, and Gmo's, Keep Healthy is proud to share these bars with you!

My Thoughts:

Dates are one of my favorite super foods! They're so filling, and give you that extra boost of energy and sweetness without any harm to your body. Hearing about Keep Healthy's line of bars made me excited to add them to my daily routine. With so many varieties, anyone can find a fit for them! Keep Healthy sent me a variety of flavors and also types of their delicious and nutritious bars.

I first tried their New York Date Bars. They have a awesome sweet taste with a variety of healthy options. My favorite had to be the Apple Walnut. It was sweet, savory, chewy with just the right amount of crunch from the walnuts. Keep Healthy also has a unique variety called, Fruitskies. It's like a healthy dessert for your cravings. On the back there is a quote that says "Have a fruitkie, not a cookie". I personally loved the Mango Almond one, but there were so many great choices! Some even have chocolate covering.

There are also a variety of Keep Healthy protein and low glycemic bars. Many of the original date bars that include raisins can be a bit high in sugar (although it is natural sugars). I actually loved the low glycemic bars just as much. The Sea Salt Brownie flavor tasted just like a traditional brownie with some added coconut. The sweeteners were organic coconut nectar and almond butter. The protein bars were alright, but not really my thing. I would have liked the consistency to be a little less chalky and the taste more flavorful. However, they give you a great boost of energy. I could see them being perfect for athletes on the go.

Thank you Keep Healthy for sending me so many wonderful products to try! I would highly recommend them.

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