Wednesday, September 14, 2016

EASE Magnesium helps with stress, anxiety, and sleep

For many, stress is a fact of life that can come at us in numerous forms, both mentally and physically. The solution: A simple magnesium spray to keep stress at bay.
Here's why more magnesium is the key to stress less:
  • Stress causes magnesium levels to drop, and unfortunately, a lack of magnesium magnifies stress
  • Low magnesium levels during stressful times can cause energy depletion and fatigue, hindering the body's ability to manage stress
  • When stress depletes magnesium storage, arterial spasms can result. Arteries can constrict and spasm, which can also lead to chest pain
  • Coincidence? 80% of American's are Magnesium Deficient, and stress levels are continually rising in America
EASE Magnesium: Brain, Muscle, Bone & Tissue
  • This powerful supplement is instantly absorbed into the skin and goes directly to work in your body by supplying the levels of magnesium needed for optimum performance.  
  • Low magnesium levels are the root cause of aches, pains, stress, anxiety, poor digestion and low quality sleep. 
  • Ingredients: Ultra-purified water and the highest pharmaceutical grade of magnesium chloride hexahydrate using i-tech to produce.
  • Product targets 'tissue' magnesium levels and works to:
    • Soothe muscle and joint aches/pains
    • Improve overall mood, mental clarity and focus
    • Aid in digestive cycle
    • Improve sleep cycle
    • Combat stress
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My Thoughts

I've been hearing a lot lately about the lack of magnesium in our foods and how it has an effect on our overall well being. So when I got the opportunity to give EASE a try, I was excited to see how it would effect me. I suffer from anxiety and depression, so I wanted to try this to see if it would help me, as I don't take any medications for this due to them just never meshing with my body correctly.

With EASE magnesium, it comes in a spray bottle that you can spray over your body after your daily shower. Or spray into your hand and put on the area you need to target. The bottle states it can help you relax as well as energize you. Products that can do both of those things always interest me because I wonder how it can go into the body and know which one you're body is needing at that time.

With EASE magnesium, I tried it after my shower a few times as well as other times I sprayed into my hands and rubbed into my arms or the back of my neck. I've been using this for a few weeks, and it's hard for me to tell if it's having much effect on me. My mental well-being has been good. I've had a lot going on in my life, staying busy and stressed but I haven't fallen into being over anxious. I would like to think that EASE has been helping with that, even though it hasn't been something that I used daily.

I do want to note that a few times that I used this, I got itchy in the areas that it was applied. I'm not sure if that's usual and it was my body rejecting or accepting the EASE spray. It wasn't every time I used it, just a few of the times.

If you suffer from any of the above things mentioned, give EASE a try. One thing I liked about EASE was it wasn't something I was ingesting, so I felt a little safer giving it a try to see how it worked for me.