Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bob the Builder Back on PBS

Bob the Builder™ re-launched in the Fall of 2015 featuring CG-animation, brand new locations, and a new look for Bob.  The popular preschool series has been broadcast in over 175 countries and translated into 40 languages, exciting and engaging millions of preschoolers across the world.  In addition to the broadcast episodes, this new look is also featured in a series of 40+ shorts running currently on Bob’s YouTube channel. You can catch the first new season of Bob the Builder now on Netflix.

My Thoughts

Bob the Builder is back and he has had a big makeover! He's looking pretty good and a lot more grown up then he did in his previous incarnation. But don't worry. You'll still find all your favorite characters ready and waiting to fix thing up including Travis the tractor, Sumsy the forklift, and Packer the truck.

My family really enjoyed the first episode of the new version of the show. My kids are four and six, and they had outgrown the older version of Bob, which they considered babyish. This version is still great for toddlers, but older kids are going to enjoy it as well. The talking cars are lots of fun, and every episode always teaches a valuable lesson.

To go along with the series, there are some really fantastic new toys on the market. There are remote control trucks, talking toys, and small action figures. My son loves them all, but he decided that he wanted to save this batch of toys for our donation pile for Toys 4 Tots. We save things up all year long to donate, and he knows this toys are going to make some little toy very happy. 

Be sure to look for Bob the Builders PBS. You can also find it on Netflix where you can enjoy these episodes anytime you want!