Monday, June 13, 2016

Unique chip flavors from Boulder Canyon

With summer entertaining right around the corner, I wanted to pass along information about a few of Boulder Canyon’s new and unique potato chip options that I believe will interest your readers. These chips are perfect for summer entertaining and the new Backyard BBQ line is ideal for the dad looking for BBQ flavors on Father’s Day but does not want to grill!

  • Backyard BBQ: Following in step with Boulder’s popular Thanksgiving Feast line, this exciting new line features three varieties that are reminiscent of your favorite BBQ meal- Grilled BratSweet Corn and Peach CobblerGrilled Brats offers the mouthwatering taste of a smokey-flavored brat, while the Peach Cobbler provides the home-cooked, fruity flavor of the dessert Grandma used to make. Sweet Corn provides you will the taste of sweet, buttery corn without the hassle of husking corn.

  • Unique Oils:  Boulder introduces three new uniquely-flavored potato chip offerings cooked in premium, better-for-you oils. Coconut Oil Pineapple Habanero™, Olive Oil Sweet Vinegar™ and Olive Oil Red Chili™ kettle-cooked potato chips are cooked in 100 percent oils and are seasoned with clean, simple ingredients.

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My Thoughts

Chips are something most everyone likes, but having them be healthy in anyway is hard. Boulder Canyon is doing their best to turn this snack as healthy as possible. And this summer, they have some unique flavors to try during your backyard BBQ's.

I tried the Grilled Brat and Sweet Corn flavor. I had wanted to try the Peach Cobbler, but it wasn't in stock when I went shopping. The chips were interesting. You get the chip taste with a taste you're not expecting. The sweet corn was my favorite. I like the hint of salt with the sweetness to it. They were good for dipping in ranch.

The grilled brat, I did like, but not sure I'd grab that one again. It didn't taste like biting into a brat, but there was a hint of meaty flavor to it. My son liked them a lot and he ended up finishing off the bag.

I'm hoping to make it back to my local Sprouts to get some more flavors soon and try some of the unique oil flavors, as well as the classic chips they always have. I liked that these chips had no MSG and were made from non GMO products. The company tries to get the best ingredients and process them as less as possible.