Sunday, June 12, 2016

​A Healthy Summer Camp is "In the Box"

Snack in the Box
Snack in the Box is a unique, patent-pending, dual-chambered snack container that allows parents to pack two snacks in one durable, spill-proof container. With two separate chambers topped with pop-up lids, it’s easy to pour healthy snacks and fruit in the right amounts and get them out easily, too.  Pack one side with a healthy choice and the other with a fun treat. Snack in the Box fits perfectly into lunch boxes and is made of USA-made Tritan™ and Polypropylene so it’s BPA and Phthalate free. Snack in the Box is also stain resistant and dishwasher safe (top shelf, please!). Each chamber holds 6oz of food.

Now available in 8 oz and 12 oz sizes, Drink in the Box is a durable, boxy-shaped drink container that is spill-proof, leak-proof and fits perfectly into lunch boxes.  It’s also made of Tritan and is dishwasher safe (top shelf, please!). No worrying about mold or bacteria. The food-safe silicone straw is replaceable and detaches from the top for easy cleaning. Use Drink in the Box for fruit-infused water, organic juices, milk or diluted juice. 

Both Snack in the Box and Drink in the Box come in four fun-filled colors – green, orange, pink and blue – and retail for $9.99, $11.99  and $14.99, respectively. Take charge of snack time with Precidio’s “In the Box” products.

My Thoughts

I always pack snacks when I take out my kids. Whether we got for a walk on the trails or spend the day at the beach, they are bound to get hungry eventually. The Snack in the Box is the perfect way to snack on the go without creating unnecessary waste or spending a fortune on individual bags. There are two different compartments, so you can choose two of your favorite snacks. The lids snap closed and are spill proof. They are even easy to clean.

The Drink in the Box is the perfect compliment to the Snack in the Box. My daughter has issues with her teeth and so her juice has to be diluted to prevent cavities. She's only four and ready to start pre-school and I was worried she'd feel left out when all the other kids had their juice boxes. With the Drink in the Box, I can fix her drinks just the way she likes them, and she still gets a box like everyone else. Of course, this container is even  better than the average box. You can fit twice as much inside, it's more affordable than disposable juice boxes, and a much better choice for the environment because you're creating less waste.  It's also spill proof and dishwasher safe.