Friday, June 10, 2016

Sooth your summer skin with Skin+Pharmacy Advanced Skin Therapy Healing Gel

The Skin+Pharmacy Advanced Skin Therapy Healing Gel has magnetized water technology that provides continues hydration for healthy skin. This multi-functioning gel also contains the ingredient Allantoin, which is a skin softener that helps to protect and restore dry, irritated areas- perfect for dehydrated, sunburned skin! Sold exclusively at CVS Pharmacy for $9.99.

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My Thoughts

Summer time is here and lots of out door time. Even though we lather up with sunscreen and reapply often, we still end up with sun burns and dried out skin. Advanced Skin Therapy Healing Gel with Magnetized Water is a product we tried on our skin that needed to be healed.

It is a clear gel material that goes on a lot like aloe vera gel, minus it isn't sticky. It glides across the skin, leaving a thick layer of gel on the skin. It doesn't soak in or dry right away like a lotion would, so give it some time to dry before putting on clothes over the spot. But the gel is very soothing and doesn't sting when applying it to a sun burn. The sun burns that we tried it on were very minor burns, so I can't say how it would feel on a severe sun burn.

I felt like this healing gel from Skin Therapy did a good job. My skin has felt dry with more sun exposure and I've used this a few times after my shower and my skin no longer had that dry feel to it. I think it helped sooth the sunburn too and help it heal quicker than if we'd just left it alone.

This isn't my first product to try in the Advanced Skin Therapy line from CVS. I've grown to really like this line of products a lot. They are fragrance free, so the whole family can enjoy them.