Saturday, June 25, 2016

Gods, Heroes, & Monsters - Take an epic journey to the magical world of ancient Greek mythology

This action-packed guide to ancient Greek mythology is filled with profiles of the most amazing characters, as well as brilliant images, fascinating facts, and riveting storytelling. Lavish CGI artworks recreate the most dramatic scenes from famous Greek myths, while incredible artifacts from the ancient Greek period are taken out from "behind the glass."

Journey back to Mount Olympus

Young readers will discover the stories of the gods and Mount Olympus itself, while they learn about artifacts that offer historical context to the mythology. Gods, Heroes, and Monsters takes readers on a tour of discovery in which the legendary creatures, epic battles, and heroic deeds of Greek mythology come alive.
A riveting introduction to Greek mythology

This engrossing book is the perfect way to introduce (or rediscover) all the stories of the gods of Olympus, the Odyssey, the Trojan Wars, and the adventures of heroes such as Perseus and Heracles. From fates and furies to the Minotaur and Medusa, this book will stir every imagination. (Ages 10 and up)

About the Author:
Selene Nicolaides's father, George Nicolaides, was the curator of a small museum filled with many wonderful artifacts from ancient Greece. Selene was entranced by his tales of gods and goddesses, brave heroes, vengeful spirits, and terrifying monsters. She hopes this book will speak to you and spark a love for this ancient land rich in mystery and myth.
My Thoughts
Greek Mythology has always been an area of interest for me. I love all the magic woven in with tales of bravery. This book was inspired by a group of objects that the author's father discovered in Greece. They are now in a museum, but their images are in this book and you can see how they tie into some of the legends of Greece.
This book covers a lot of information. It starts out with an outline of the most well-known Greek Gods. Then we go through and learn a little about each of them, We also get to read about the  most fantastic myths, including Medusa, the centaurs, Hercules,and the Minotaur. In addition to giving us a new take of these classic myths, this book also shows you real photos of ancient artifacts, and stunning images that are so life-like, they look like they could step out of the pages.  Anyone who is a fan of Greek legends will want to have this beautiful book in their collection.