Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tranquil Ocean Mandalas

Mindfulness, wellness, enhanced creativity, and stress-busting are just some of the benefits attributed to adult coloring books. As a result, coloring has taken its place at the grown up's table as a legitimate form of artistic expression, right along with painting and drawing. Plus, it's just so much fun! Here's a new and exciting addition to the best-selling Just Add Color adult coloring book series! Tranquil Ocean Mandalas let you tap into coloring's restorative side with calming mandalas inspired by the sea. This gorgeous coloring book offers 120 pull-out illustrations ready to be brought to life and framed for all to see. It also features a QR code link to calming ocean music, allowing you to have a truly relaxing, immersive, and creative coloring experience. You'll find yourself so entranced that you'll run for your crayons or coloring pencils whenever you can!

My Thoughts

I am steadily racking up my stock of adult coloring books. I absolutely love them. They take you straight back to your childhood, at least for me. As a kid I would color for hours with music playing in the background and it is still something I do today. They are much better than the kids coloring books that I play with with my kids. Now they can use their age appropriate books and I an use mine! 

Tranquil Ocean Mandalas Book is my favorite because I love sea life and nature themed items. This book doesn't just have mandalas in it, there are beautiful pictures of full-sized see creatures of various types throughout the book as well. These are easy to color, big enough to fit markers and crayons. I like to use colored pencils and skinny markers. The markers don't bleed through the pages, but even if they do they're blank on the back of each page.  Plus, the perforated so the pictures are so pretty that I want to take some of them out and frame them! A great addition to my collection.