Wednesday, June 15, 2016


BIRDS OF A FEATHER, Set 1 (DVD Debut) - “Hilarious” (Belfast Telegraph) - Returning after a 15 year hiatus, the hit British sitcom became ITV’s highest-rated comedy in over a decade. The lives of sisters Sharon (Pauline QuirkeBroadchurch) and Tracey (Linda RobsonShine on Harvey Moon) are never the same after their husbands are convicted of armed robbery and sent to prison. Forced to live together, the sisters become good—if begrudging—friends with their man-eating neighbor Dorien Green (Lesley JosephNight & Day).  Together with their families, Sharon and Tracey face the dramas, tragedies, stresses, and strains of keeping up with the world, without their husbands’ support. (DVD Single, 8 ep., $34.99). Premiered on Acorn TV.

My Thoughts

This fun series was originally aired back in the nineties, and I'm so glad that it is making a comeback. The show centers around two sisters- Sharon and Tracey.  Their husbands are arrested for armed robbery and they become good friends with their neighbor. The series follows them through hilarious drama and mishaps with a few touching moments mixed in. Set 1 includes eight episodes. 

Gimme Shelter - After their husbands go to jail, the sisters meet up with their old friend Dorien at a book signing. 

Slave - Sharon gets annoyed when Dorien treats her like a maid. When cash is needed the women come up with a hilarious plan.

Hot Stuff- Someone gets a booty call in the attic.

Blinded by Love - Lots of romance for all the ladies as Garth works on getting his restaurant repaired.

Tattoo You - Someone gets a surprise tattoo and someone else is having some hearing issues.

Blinded by Love - Sharon's ex-con husband wants a divorce so he can marry a blind girl.

Back to Zero - Job losses put a strain on finances but again, they find some hilarious ways to get by.

You Can't Always Get What You Want - Dorien goes to court, and the sisters meet a pair of old ladies that they see a lot of themselves in.

Bird of a Feather Flock Again - Bonus footage including behind the scenes, deleted scenes, and the 3 stars talking about how the show made a comeback.
I really enjoyed this show. It sort of reminded me the Golden Girls in a way. Though the circumstance of their friendship were different, the women develop the same type of bond. This is a classic British sitcom you don't want to miss.  If you'd like to grab a copy of this hilarious comedy for yourself, it is available online at Amazon and at Acorn Media.


VickieC said...

sounds so cute,never heard of this one before