Friday, May 27, 2016


ELEVENTH HOUR (re-issue) – When science threatens humanity, one man is there to save it. Starring Patrick Stewart (X-MenStar Trek: The Next Generation) and Ashley Jensen (Ugly Betty, Extras) and created by acclaimed sci-fi writer Stephen Gallagher (Doctor Who), Eleventh Hour offers four provocative, action-packed investigative thrillers set in the ever evolving world of contemporary science. With mysteries involving experimental human cloning, ruthless polluters and resurgent viruses, Eleventh Hour is a treat for lovers of the sci-fi, mystery and crime genres. (DVD 2-disc, 4 episodes, $29.99). Available on Acorn TV.

My Thoughts

What could be better than an exciting sci-fi series packed with action? A sci-fi series packed with action that stars Patrick Stewart, of course!  I just love Patrick Stewart in this role where he got to dabble in the science behind science fiction. Stewart plays Ian Hood, a professor who helps the British government . This season includes four fantastic episodes.  

Resurrection -  A mass grave is discovered filled with deformed fetuses. Ian suspects it might be the site of a failed cloning experiment. They believe a surrogate's mother life may be on the line and set out to save her.

Containment - Old bodies are being exhumed when one of the workers comes down with a disease that seems like smallpox. The virus is mutating and must be contained before it leads to a pandemic. 

Kryptos - One of Ian's old classmates believes the government is trying to sabotage his work on global warming.

Miracle - A child is miraculously healed and his father believes he was healed from a magical spring. Ian goes to investigate, but the water seems to make most people worse instead of better.

This was such a fantastic series. Of course, Patrick Stewart was brilliant, but the rest of the cast was wonderful as well. The story-lines keep you on the edge of your seat and make you wonder. I certainly hope to see this series continued for another season. 


VickieC said...

this looks and sounds very interesting,,haven't seen it before

Penelope Costanzo said...

This is something my husband would enjoy. I might have to see it.

alissa apel said...

I like the actors in this. I'd probably get into this for sure!

pailofpearls said...

Intrguing. Some of it even sounds realistic