Saturday, April 9, 2016

Keep Allergy Season at Bay with Boogie Wipes

With cold and flu season wrapping up and allergy season just around the corner it can be difficult for parents to stay on top of kids’ sickness. Stuffy noses in particular are a common occurrence around this time of year especially when kids are around something they’re allergic too like pet dander or fancy flowers. See you often do parenting-related product reviews so thought Boogie Wipes would be a great fit for your readers.

Boogie Wipes are a soothing alternative to dry tissues and are made with natural saline to dissolve boogies caused by the common cold or allergies. No more red and itchy noses!

Boogie Wipes come in three scents: Great Grape, Fresh Scent and Simply Unscented for extra-sensitive noses. Recommended by parents and paediatricians, Boogie Wipes moisturize with aloe, chamomile and vitamin E and are gentle on kids’ sensitive noses.

My Thoughts

Boogies Wipes are a great invention that every mom should have in their diaper bag. Its not always an easy task to get little noses clean, but the damp wipes make it simple to wipe away sticky nose drips of those nasty ones that get crusted on with minimal fuss. The fun scents provide an added incentive. Kids love the grape and fresh scent varieties. Plus.  they're so soft its a no fuss process to get noses clean. The full size packs are small enough to fit in diapers bags or even most hand bags.

For kids with allergies, they may prefer not o have any scent on their Boogie Wipes. For them the Simply Unscented is gentle and soothing to irritated noses. You can find Boogie Wipes at Walmart, Target, Walgreens and select local retailers. Also be sure to check out Boogie Wipes on  Facebook and Twitter.