Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Get Your Kids Ready for Summer with Limeapple Swimwear!

With temperatures still only in the forties this week, it might feel like summer is a million years away, but it's never as far away as you think. Give yourself a little taste of the warmer weather today by checking out the adorable swimwear at Limeapple .  I've been looking to get a head start on summer by getting a swimsuit for my daughter. We live at the Jersey shore and we spend a lot of time at the beach. So we need a suit that is made to last. Limeapple had just what I was searching for. 

My daughter picked out the Taylor Swimsuit and she just loved it. It is a one piece suit that slides right on. There are no snaps or clips and the stitches are sturdy. I also love the beautiful design. It's really colorful. The adjustable straps ensure you will get the right fit every time and allow for a little room to grow. We received the suit in a size 7, and it was true to this size and a very well-made piece. 

Of course the Taylor suit is only one example of the lovely styles available from Limeapple. Here are a few more styles we love.

If you'd like to learn more about Limeapple and all their summer fashions, check out their website. Remember, if you want your daughter to stay in style this summer, Limeapple keeps it classy and affordable. 
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VickeC said...

how cute,,my granddaughters would love these

Sue Emery said...

These are really adorable & so are the girls that are modelling them! What an unusual name for swimwear - I thought it was a recipe!

lilyk said...

This swimwear looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

Jackson Evans said...

Such pretty designs and theses little models are so adorable. I think these kids competition swimwears will suit them.