Friday, February 26, 2016

Gaia Collective MoonBox - Ritual in a Box #moonboxcOMmunity #Discount Code

I have always considered myself a daughter of the moon, so when I heard about the Gaia Collective MoonBox, I knew it would be the perfect subscription box for me. I tried it out a few months ago, and loved it then, Now, they've added even more goodies to their package. Every month, just in time for the full moon, they send an amazing assortment of oils, beautiful gemstones, herbs and even a guided meditations to help you celebrate this powerful time of the month.

One of the things I loved right away about this box is that they use real moss as packaging. Can you get any greener than that?  We are actually using ours it my daughter's fairy house, so it's getting even more use.  Of course, the gifts inside the MoonBox were just as spectacular.  This month, the Full Moon was in Virgo. Virgo is grounded by the element of Earth while being ruled by the intellectual, communicative, and speedy planet. The items in the box are designed to work with this energy, to help you with motivation. Here are the items that were included in the package:

This beautiful Moon Card is a great focal point for meditations. You are receive detailed information of the crystals included in the box and instructions on how to create your sacred space. 

Tea- A special blend of herbs specifically designed to work with the Virgo Moon energies. 

Gemstone Pendant- a lovely opal carved into a perfect oval and  wrapped with silver wire.

Full Moon Oil - This delightful oil is made using fresh herbs and natural essential oils. It's 100% organic and smells amazing.

Purify Peridot Gemstone Essence - Add a few drops to your water or topically to purify and energize your body.

A Succulent Clipping- This little cactus clipping will bloom along with your motivation. It comes in an adorable little jar but can be transplanted as it grows.

Crystals- This month's package included three different crystals in a gossamer bag. This month's stone include a quartz point for magnify your intentions, Peridot to enhance relationships, and labradorite to help connect with our dreams.

Along with all these magical supplies, you also receive a powerful guided meditation that comes to your inbox, along with detailed instructions on how each item can be cleansed and used for your ritual purposes.   This whole package is more than just a set of fun New Age products. It's an actual deep and meaningful ritual experience that works with the current energies of the moon.  The Gaia Collective Moonbox is designed to help you live an awakened and conscious lifestyle were  you are in tune with mother earth. 

I absolutely adore the Gaia Collection MoonBox.  It's a wonderful way to embrace the full moon and the sacredness of mother earth.  To learn more about the Gaia Collective or to start a subscription of your own, be sure to visit their website or follow them via social media.

*****Discount Code****

New Age Mama readers are being offered an exclusive discount. Simply enter the code VIRGOLOVE to receive 20% off the first month of MoonBox or Moon Gift. This offer is valid through March 20th. 

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rochelle said...

This is nice love to have this

Jerry Marquardt said...

I thought that the genuine pendant looked very beautiful.

Dorothy Hubbard said...

I have never thought about something like this, but I will check it out and see if it's a fit for me.