Sunday, February 14, 2016


THE TRIALS OF JIMMY ROSE (DVD Debut) - “Gruff, touching performance by Ray Winstone” (The New York Times) - International Emmy® award winner Ray Winstone (The Departed, Sexy Beast) and Amanda Redman (New Tricks) star in gripping new drama. Winstone plays Jimmy Rose, a career criminal newly free after 12 years in prison. Greeted with cold disdain from his wife, Jackie (Amanda Redman), Jimmy decides to stick to the terms of his parole: hold down a job and stay right in the eyes of the law. But when he finds out that his beloved granddaughter is in trouble, Jimmy will go to extraordinary lengths for his family. Created by Alan Whiting (Kingdom, Strike Back) and co-starring Paul Jesson (Rome), Marion Bailey (Mr. Turner), Tom Cullen (Downton Abbey), and John Lynch (The Fall) (DVD Single, 3 episodes, $34.99). Premiered on Acorn TV in Dec. 2015.

My Thoughts

The Trials of Jimmy Rose is about a man who committed a series of armed robberies and was just recently paroled. He's trying to get used to life outside of a jail cell, but he's still determined to live his life crime-free.  His past history is a struggle for him and for all the people he loves, and this struggle is played out very well in the mini-series. There are three episodes that bring the story together.

Episode One - Jimmy's wife and son aren't that happy to see him when he returns and he promises to end his life of crime

Episode Two - Jimmy tries to save his grandson and ends up in the ER. He also runs into some people from his past who make trouble for his family.

Episode Three - Jimmy makes a deal with drug dealers to try to save his grand daughter which puts his own life on the line.

This is a not a movie for someone looking for a perfect happy ending. This movie is deep and real. At times it's moving and at times you just feel frustrated for the characters involved, but it's definitely an excellent film that will make you understand a little better how hard it is for someone to change, even when they want to.   If you'd like to grab a copy of this amazing DVD for yourself, you can find it online at Acorn Media and on Amazon.


Sue Emery said...

He sounds like a man, who even though he went down the wrong path, did his time - 12 years in jail, that he is dedicated to his family and will do anything to save them!! A man who deserves a second chance! Don't we all??

Sandra Watts said...

Sounds like something I just watch on the crime channel.

VickeC said...

sounds like my husbands kind of entertaintment