Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Your Slyce

Your Slyce: A perfect solution to the oh-so-common topping debate, Your Slyce is a pizza making gadget that sections off every slice of the pie, enabling slice personalization. It's perfect for family night, slumber parties and birthday bashes. From $14.99 on ToysRUs.com, YourSlyce.com and Amazon.

My Thoughts

What a great idea ! Pizza is one of life's greatest inventions. I'm originally from New York I relocated to Cape May New Jersey in 2000, and I have to tell you their pizza cant hold a candle to N.Y.'s pizza. With A 10,11 and 15 year old in the house pizza is always a hit. But these days it can also cost alot lot of money even one pizza night can be up to $25. But Your Slyce Eliminates 
that expense.

I've had  my kids friends over and it's always a challenge trying to narrow down what kind of pizza to order everybody wants a different kind,  well no more Your Slyce allows you to make each pizza exactly what each kid wants you can personalize it is much as you want ! My kids and I have used Your Slyce so many times since we received it we don't even put it away!

In today's world everyone is rushing around rushing through life not able to just stop and have a conversation. Well Your Slyce allows my kids and I to have a wonderful bonding time. While we're making our personalized pizza we can talk and laugh and joke around and it just really makes for a nice bonding time for  the kids and I. It's absolutely wonderful to have something to do with the family that doesn't involve screen time! 

What I like to do for our pizzas is I buy sauce and other ingredients from  my local favorite Italian restaurant. This makes our pizza exactly what we want and it tastes absolutely delicious. Your Slyce is also a 100% percent food grade, nonstick silicone, it is also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, very flexible so you can store it  anywhere. Any time with my kids that we can have fun is an absolute plus if you have kids this is an absolute great  idea allowing you to spend quality family time and have a wonderful pizza night!