Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Show Your Gratitude, by Giving H.O.P.E.

This Christmas, show your gratitude by giving! What better gifts to give than ones that act as simple but beautiful reminders of love and inspiration? Hope in a Box is dedicated to creating gifts that do just that. H.O.P.E. stands for "Hang On Pray Everyday."  Hope in a Box is a company founded by a husband and wife team who persevered through difficult times through prayer.

For the father who starts every day with a cup of coffee and the morning paper, tell him you appreciate him with the H.O.P.E. Coffee Mug. 

For the mother or grandmother who needs a little extra warmth in the winter, tell her you treasure her with a H.O.P.E. Fleece Blanket

For the teenager who just started driving to school, have them know you’re always thinking of them with a H.O.P.E. Keychain.

Whether your loved ones enjoy relaxing at home or are always on the go, they will feel love and inspiration when they receive any of these gifts. Give thanks with Hope in a Box.
H.O.P.E. is a blessing in itself and a blessing in disguise. Hope in a Box donates 25% of all company profits to life, marriage, and family affirming ministries. This Thanksgiving, the purchase of just one gift could potentially touch several lives.

“Rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted in prayer.” – Romans 12:12

My Thoughts

What a wonderful refreshing mug! So many times I go through stores and I see so many things with names and sayings on them that are absolutely meaningless. These H.O.P.E. items are so inspirational and there are so many different ways to display them whether it be a coffee mug ,a T-shirt, a picture or a bracelet and jewelry there are so many different options. I received my H.O.P.E.  mug as a gift and I absolutely love it. I'm not an exceptionally religious person however I love having my morning tea  looking at my mug and before I notice it  I'm talking to God and somehow it eases me into my day.

I am not one to pray on a regular basis I don't attend church or put aside special times to pray but this mug and other items that I have bring God to my attention and it cues me to say a little prayer and that always makes me feel peaceful. When  I have my tea in the morning and I look at the H.O.P.E. Mug I immediately find myself in a prayer what a wonderful way to start my day.

These days I'm sometimes so overwhelmed just in my life that getting up in the morning can feel very dreary and I easily can have no motivation to get through the day. When your watching the news no matter what day it is it always seems like there's just disasters going on ! There are so many countries that are in total unrest. There are  terrorists killing people in many countries people are living in fear of their lives almost on a daily basis there is so much suffering going on in the world. It's so hard to see the children suffering they are going hungry or homeless the parents  killed  without discretion it doesn't appear to be letting up at all. These products are so inspirational. When I look at the hope emblem it's helps fill me with hope just the simple message it is giving makes my day just a little bit brighter. One doesn't have to be religious to be hopeful anyone can feel hopeful with or without God in their lives. So if you're looking to cheer someone up or  help someone to come out of their depression they might be suffering .  These products are exactly what you need no matter which product you choose it is absolutely going to help someone feel hopeful.