Friday, December 18, 2015

DISH Anywhere introduces Kids’ Profiles

***This is a sponsored post***

DISH just released a brand new feature that allows parents to create separate profiles for their children in DISH Anywhere on the web and in the mobile app. This exciting new feature allows you to build a unique profile based on your child's age. This ensures that the television shows and movies available for them to watch are age-friendly. Once the profile is created, you can allow your children to browse selections at home or on your devices without fear of them watching anything inappropriate. There is also a new lock feature that ensures the child will automatically be redirected to their designated profile so they can only access their age-appropriate DVR and on-demand content.

This is just one more way that DISH provides the best in entertainment for the whole family. The new feature is available now on For more information or to learn about their packages, visit or subscribe to DISH email alertsTo access ratings and reviews, users can select the Parental Guide page within a program’s profile.  For information on how to access this feature on, visit the DISH blog Also be sure to follow them on face book and twitter