Sunday, November 1, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Dareway 12 Volt Powered Scooter

Feber Dareway 12V Standing Ride-On Scooter

Kids will the love the cool styling and fun way of experiencing driving action when they ride on the Feber Dareway 12V Standing Ride-On Scooter. A foot pedal accelerator controls forward motion, while handle-grip buttons allow left and right turns and 360° spins. When both buttons are pressed at once, the scooter travels in reverse.

Product Highlights

  • Foot pedal accelerator controls forward motion

  • Handle-grip buttons permit left and right turns, 360° spins and reverse motion

  • Travels up to 3.7 mph in forward and reverse

  • Sturdy platform provides stability 

  • Molded-in treads on the tires deliver traction during operation

  • Customizable design and an included sheet of decals let kids personalize the scooter and express their personalities

  • Holds 1 rider up to 89 lbs.

What's Included

  • Feber Dareway 12V Standing Ride-On Scooter

  • Sheet of decals

  • Battery charger



Our Thoughts 

When looking at ride on toys you generally end up getting something for the younger kids. There aren't very many that are built for ages 6 and up are there? So what happens when you have kids that are older and see their younger counter parts getting ride ons that are fun? Here's an answer for you; you get the Dareway!

There's something to say for the elation that B displayed when he saw the huge Dareway box sitting in the entryway the day it arrived. His first question was, "is that for me?" I couldn't keep a straight face and fib to him about the plans I had; I wanted to but he was just so excited about the Dareway! He begged and begged to rip it out of the box but I didn't want to take it out only to have to stop half way through putting it together to get him dinner or off to bed. So, hubby and I waited until we had time to get things put together without interruptions. When we opened the box, we immediately grabbed the instructions and checked off everything while we pulled it out of the box. We made sure all the parts were accounted for and that we had a basic knowledge of how this thing was supposed to go together.

After laying everything out on the floor in the living room we started putting it together. It was relatively easy to follow the instructions and there weren't any "gotchas" that we noticed other than there were a couple screws in the base of the Dareway that needed to have longer screw drivers to be able to get them in properly. It took about 45 minutes to put the whole thing together and then we let it charge overnight in the garage. The charger hooks into the Dareway and isn't easily able to be unplugged by little fingers passing by. For the first ride, I'd recommend letting this charge for about 30 minutes before using it.

When B was able to the next day, we took the Dareway out to the driveway. We live on a relatively quiet street so we let him experiment with it in different environments (the driveway, the grass, gravel) but quickly figured out that this ride on is meant to be used strictly on asphalt or cement only. It took a few minutes for B to get the hang of the foot petal and the buttons on the handles for steering but he quickly overcame that and started zipping around the driveway and our street. The top speed is very safe for a adolescent there is some jerky movement when starting and stopping though so I would caution that you make your child aware of that so they're not surprised and can prepare themselves for it. The Dareway has brought a lot of joy to a child who is almost 8 years old and has long since outgrown most of the ride ons available in the store.

This Dareway is available at Toys R Us and retails for $199.99. You can click here to find your local Toys R Us store or you can click here to go straight to the Dareway's page. I highly recommend this ride on if you're looking for something for an older child who is missing out on the fun of ride on toys!


Isaiahsmom said...

My son has autism and has troubles with riding a bike. This looks so cool for him. I think this would be something that he could enjoy. This gives me an idea for Christmas.