Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide - Cozy Comforts Kitchen Set

This ultra-modern kitchen features the latest in realistic kitchen design including: single-cup coffee machine, raised “gas” burner that makes a boiling water sound when pots and pans are placed on it, microwave, refrigerator, oven, toaster, recycling and play bins.  Multiple working doors give it a realistic feel.  Efficiently engineered, the Cozy Comforts Kitchen has eliminated all screws and replaced them with snaps and press fits for easy assembly.  In addition, all of the accessories - two sets of plates, cups, forks, knives and spoons, two pieces of toast, muffin tin, pan with lid, touch screen phone, spatula, large spoon, strainer spoon, and strainer - are bagged and ready for play; no clipping or trimming required. Standing at just over three feet tall and packed with value.

I also received this super cute shopping cart in addition to the kitchen set. 

Our Thoughts

This kitchen set and shopping cart is totally awesome! My son stays entertained for forever with these items.

The kitchen set came in one box, and upon opening, I was a bit overwhelmed. There looked to be a lot of pieces and it gave me a headache to think of putting it together by myself with my son hovering over me trying to "help". Problem was solved by having all of us do it together as a family. With my husband, two daughters and toddler, we were able to set up the kitchen set in about 20 minutes. I am sure it wouldn't take so long if it was one person doing it on their own, but it was fun for the kids to help.

Each piece was neatly labeled with a stamped letter so it was easy to find what you needed. We were able to go based off of the picture on the front of the box for a lot of the setup, especially the stickers. The doors popped in quite easily and my son loves hiding food pantry items in the oven and fridge. All the slotted spoons and spatulas are easy for him to get on and off the built in hooks, over and over again. Repetitive action keeps a toddlers attention and he definitely does it a lot!

 (we are in the process of remodeling so forgive the drywall and flooring!)

The only thing that I have to say about this is the coffee maker insert is small enough to fit in my sons mouth and it makes me paranoid of it being a choking hazard so I took those two pieces out. I love the recycling bin, as we have one of those in our kitchen and the sticker for the kitchen sink drain was a cute touch on this.

He will go back and forth from my pantry to his kitchen set over and over playing with canned items and pushing them in his shopping cart. He loves this set, it keeps him entertained (even my big girls like to play with it!) and with the colors being so nice, it's not an eye sore in the kitchen at all!

American Plastic Toys offers a huge variety of toys for babies and toddlers. There is something for everyone with this company, here are just a few neat items for kids!!

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Reviewed by Jackie