Wednesday, November 11, 2015

xSense Oils Review

xSense recently debuted a new line of functional scents inspired by Nobel Prize-winning clinical research on how the brain reacts to scents. Each scent is specifically formulated with ingredients found to help people make the most out of their day-to-day activities.

Users simply apply one of xSense’s three scents, PlaySenseWorkSense, or RestSense, directly under the nose and allow the scent to help them exercise more efficiently, work better, and rest easier throughout the hectic holiday season and into the new year. Plus, the oil-based, alcohol-free scent is only detectable to the user, remaining unnoticeable to others.

xSense products can be purchased directly from in the following sizes:

  • Deluxe sample pack of 3 multi-use vials of PlaySense, WorkSense, and RestSense: $14
  • 10 milliliter (0.3-oz) roller-applicator bottle of PlaySense: $45
  • 3-pack of 10 milliliter bottles each of PlaySense, WorkSense, and RestSense: $95

Our Thoughts

Oils are all the rage lately so I was happy to test these out. There has been a lot of research and it's well known that the scent of an oil greatly impacts our mood. It's not easy to always have your favorite flowers sitting next to you, and sometimes impossible depending on the plant, but with oils they're readily available for you to use their scent whenever you need it.

The sample pack came with the three oils, PlaySense, WorkSense, and RestSense in the easy-to-use little perfume bottles as shown below. The caps come off easily enough and snap back on. They don't leak at all, even if they're stored on their side or upside down so you can easily pop them in your purse and take them with you. The package is also nice to keep as you can store your oils in the little cubby sections that they snap into.

Each oil did smell really nice. The only issue I had was that the scent didn't last long. It said to use quite a bit of oil in order to really smell it and have it last, but I just don't want to use that much oil and then have the bottle be gone in two uses so I've been spacing it out. The scent lasts for about one minute and is then gone. It does give you a good respite while you're using it, and again, it's very easy to take on the go with you!

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Reviewed by Jackie