Saturday, October 24, 2015

The new upcycling bible: Make Garbage Great Review

Printed on woodfree paper in a fresh design with DYI projects for all ages, Make Garbage Great has broad appealit’s smart and instructive, playful and crafty, environmentally contentious and inspiring. With craft projects ranging from a simple, folded coin purse from a CapriSun pouch to a beautiful pallet coffee table, the colloquial voices of Tom Szaky and Albe Zakes make the engaging information, little known facts, compelling graphics, and sustainable suggestions accessible for teachers, parents, DIY artists, and even young readers.

Our Thoughts

I know not everyone homeschools, but if you do, you need this book. Even if you don't homeschool you need this book. We are a pretty environmentally-conscious family and that means doing our best to live with nature and trying to be pretty conservative with the items we use in our household. This book covers everything you could possibly think of when it comes to consumerism and taking care of the planet. 

Now I said homeschooling (and everyone) parents need this book, and that is because it teaches children responsibility of the earth, science of the earth's products and history behind these products too. Also, crafts, so that knocks out art right there. This book is excellent for all families wanting to be more environmentally responsible. 

Each page covered something interesting while still being very factual as well. It's an easy read for my nine year old as long as she is sitting next to me. Each page is colorful and the little facts are set up in just a way to keep your eyes moving over all parts of the page and wanting to read everything. I love the setup. It's fun to go over items together and we can discuss the impact it has on our lives. We're also big DIYers and seeing all the fun crafts (from small to large) that you can do with the help of this book is very cool. I am so glad to have this in my house!

It is very important to recycle and take care of our Earth, Make Garbage Great helps you learn how to do that and it incorporates the whole family as well!

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Reviewed by Jackie