Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rise Again: A Group Singing Songbook

As a huge music geek, I was interested in checking this one out. There is something about song lyrics that really grab me when they're done well, and most of the choices here are. There are songs from the Beatles, Willie Nelson, The Monkees, Taylor Swift, and many more. 

The choices, to me, reflected some of the best songs of the artists (with the exception of Swift's "Mean". I'd choose a lot of her material over that one) and styles covered. I loved getting the chance to sit with a physical book filled with lyrics, as it sort of reminded me of the days when I'd get a new CD and open it up to read the lyrics and liner notes. It brings a more personal connection with the material. 

The collection is broken up into themed chapters that cover Country, The British Invasion, Hope & Faith, as well as others. Also included are chords for the songs, with some also having the notes in there as well. To help people sing along with them, there is a YouTube channel that features a bunch of the songs included so one can hear the melody as well if they are not familiar with the song. There are even sections devoted to songs from the Jazz era as well as children's music.  

If you're a big music fan and know chords (or just love lyrics), this should be a fun addition to your book collection. It might even make for a fun evening with friends.