Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker Review

FASHION REBEL OUTFIT MAKER (Thames & Hudson, October 6, 2015) includes everything aspiring designers ages 8 and up need to break the mold and create their own brilliant outfits. This exciting activity book features a drawing pad with the outline of a model on each page, and clothing template cards in a convenient pocket behind the front cover. Each card has easy-to-replicate outlines of a whole range of garments and accessories, from dresses and coats to shoes, scarves, and bathing suits. The young designer chooses a garment on a card, slides it behind a translucent sketchbook page, and traces the outline over their model. Then they repeat the process until the model’s outfit is complete. Each page has a fill-in Garment Box similar to those used in design studios, so budding fashion illustrators can note all the details about the design and choose a name for each look.

Our Thoughts

I love this! I have some pretty creative little girls in my family, and while they love to play dress-up, they especially love to create their own unique designs too! On any given day you can find three little girls creating their own outfits and putting on fashion shows in the living room, and with this they get to create the style of what their outfits would look like. 

Any type of coloring or hand craft is great for the mind and for children development. I love that this helps children expand on their creativity and dexterity. The shapes are well tailored for a real body and it has even helped my girls learn how to draw free-hand which is a definite plus.

It's not hard to understand how the book works together, the girls picked up on that pretty quick. I make sure they sit at the table so nothing is lost or ruined with it. As you can see from the picture above there is a good built in folder for storage. During some of our longer car rides I do let them take it with them because it really keeps them occupied for a long time and it's much healthier than looking at a tablet screen! They say their favorite thing about the Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker is that they can get inspired with each season's clothing choices. They quite often attempt to find items in their closet to match their creations!

Nothing makes a little girl feel prouder than "pretending" to be a fashion designer! This is a great item for any little girl.

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Reviewed by Jackie