Thursday, October 1, 2015

How to Encourage and Motivate Your Kids to Play Music

The sooner your children pick up a musical instrument and start playing, the sooner they can improve their skills. Many elementary schools across the country have band classes that begin as early as fifth grade, but you can encourage your kids to start playing even earlier. This gives them something that interests them, something that helps them get involved and something that they like doing. If your kids show an interest in playing a specific instrument or in music in general, there are a few things that you can do today to motivate and encourage them.

Let Them Select the Instrument

Some parents make the mistake of assuming that all instruments are the same and that it doesn't matter what their kids play. When your child picks his or her own instrument, you'll find that your child is more likely to stick with music and keep playing in the future. Try taking your son or daughter to a music store in your area. Let your kid try out a few different instruments like a modulus bass, clarinet, flute and saxophone. Give your child time to try playing around with each instrument before choosing one.

Find the Right Classes

Even if your children go to a school that offers band classes, you might want to look into additional classes. While band offers a number of benefits for many students, some students do better in smaller groups or with working one on one with a teacher. You can hire a teacher to come directly to your home and teach your child the fundamentals, or you can arrange for private lesson's in the teacher's home. Some teachers offer group instruction in a music or learning center that allows kids to work with others in their same age range.

Take an Interest

Taking a personal interest is one of the best ways to motivate and encourage your kids to play a musical instrument. This shows them that you care about their progress and that you like watching them perform. Even something as simple as sitting in on a lesson and talking with your kids about their classes shows them that you care. Make sure that you attend any performances or recitals they do as well. Helping them choose the right instrument, finding the right courses and taking a personal interest will help motivate and encourage your kids to play music.