Thursday, October 1, 2015


A new season brings new safety precautions to consider as daylight quickly turns to dusk and temperatures begin to drop. With school routines and activity schedules in full swing, Master Lock is reminding families and consumers to fall back into safety without falling victim to vulnerabilities with helpful advice and reliable products.

Don’t let security fall by the wayside. Master Lock wants consumers to stay one step ahead with these tips to help keep families safe and secure this season. 

1.      Secure the backyard: Swing sets, pets and pools are among the fun, recreational items found in many backyards. Keep these valuables secure with the Master Lock Magnum M175XDLF Padlock. From storing pool toys or patio furniture to helping ensure pets remain in the yard, the Master Lock Magnum M175XDLF Padlock’s Tough-Cut shackle is 50 percent tougher than hardened steel, making it ideal for protecting the most valuable items in sheds, storage lockers, fences and gates. 

2.      Lock up with lights on: Approximately 33 percent of break-ins occur through the front door, making it important to secure your home entirely to help avoid possible burglaries. To help protect against intruders, use a Master Lock 265DCCSEN Door Security Bar to resist forced entry through front, patio or sliding glass doors. For added precaution, make sure your outside lights are functioning properly and maintain a well-lit property to deter possible intrusions. 

3.      Gun safety: If a household possesses firearms, it is of the utmost importance that they are consistently secured and not easily accessible, especially when children are present. Take maximum security measures by locking-up firearms and storing them in a safe and in an out-of-sight location that is also out of children’s reach. Designed with a deadbolt locking mechanism, the Master Lock 107DSPT Gun Lock can only be opened and closed when the key is inserted and turned for added security measures. The Sentry Safe Quick Access Pistol Safe provides readily available access when needed in an emergency, but its pry resistant solid steel construction helps prevent unauthorized access. Remember to always remove ammunition before storage, and keep ammunition in a locked location separate from firearms. 

4.      Protect digital data: Personal and sensitive information such as legal documents, social security cards and bank account passwords should always remain in a secure location away from prying eyes.  The Master Lock Vault is a go-to free, digital safe deposit box that helps keep critical information from falling into the wrong hands. Store passwords and digital copies of important documents all in one place with access from any smartphone or computer. The Master Lock Vault helps ensure this information is protected and secure. 

For more safety tips and products or to find a retailer near you, visit the Master Lock website and connect with Master Lock on social via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube.

My Thoughts

 I got to try out the Master Lock 265DCCSEN Door Security Bar, and it's made me feel so much more secure. Being a single mother with four kids can be scary sometimes, especially late at night when I'm sure I hear someone creeping around in the backyard. Usually it's just my writer's imagination getting the best of me, but you never know when someone might try to break into your home. Those little locks on my doors wouldn't hold anyone out who really wanted to get in, but the security bar gives me an extra layer of protection that helps me sleep better at night.

The Door Security Bar is very easy to use. Simply prop the handle end up against your door and place the leg against the floor.  The bar is adjustable, so it will fit any size door. If you have a sliding door, you can also lay it down in the gap between the two parts of the doors. There is no assembly required and the sturdy metal makes it next to impossible for anyone to get into your home. I feel much more secure with this on my door at night.