Thursday, September 17, 2015

Organic Beauty Products from Lady Soma

I am very particular about the products I use for my beauty regimen. I like to find things that are made with natural ingredients and are chemical free. Whether I'm washing my hair or looking to prevent wrinkles, I know there are products out there that meet these requirements. Recently I discovered a company called Lady Soma and they had everything I was looking for and more. Their beauty products are organic, holistic, and of course cruelty free.
 This summer, I spent  a lot of time at the beach. I love it, but my hair pays the price. Salt water can really dry out your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Somaluxe has developed a whole like of products to help combat the damage summer fun  and regular styling can cause. I got to test out their amazing clarifying shampoo & conditioner. Here's a little about each one:

Paradise Lime Clarifying Shampoo - Normally after a day at the beach, it takes two or three showers before my hair gets back to normal. My hair would still feel gritty from the sand and course and dry from the salt. With this shampoo, that's not a issue. The citrus extracts naturally remove the sea salt build up in hair, leaving it looking shiny and healthy after just one shower. It smells really nice too! It works just as well at restoring life to over-styled hair. My teen is always straightening her curls and her ends were in bad shape, but this shampoo gave her hair new life. 
Paradise Coconut Conditioner - This works alongside the shampoo to remove build up, but it also leaves hair soft and easy to comb. You won't have to worry about working out the knots, which are usually a lot worse after going to the beach. I also love the coconut scent. It will keep that tropical feeling alive long after the beach season ends.

In addition to the shampoo, I also got to test out a few of their lips glosses, and they were equally impressive. Each one is completely organic and paraben free. These are the three scrumptious flavors I got to try.

Raspberry Red Lip Gloss  - This has a sweet berry taste and gives your lips a little extra shine. This will leave your lips kissably delicious. 

Pom Blast - This one is made from pomegranates and is the perfect choice for the fall. It will leave your lips protected as the weather starts to change, but still gives you that sweet flavor you crave.

Somaluxe Lip Rescue - This is some really intense stuff that will definitely come in handy in the winter. This formula is designed to help heal even the most chapped and chaffed lips and helps restores the moisture.

 These are only a few examples of the amazing products available at Lady Soma. To see their full line of beauty products, be sure to visit their website.  They also offer stretch mark creams, moisturizers, supplements and so much more. All of the products are made with wonderful, natural ingredients you can feel good about using. They even offer free shipping on all orders over $75. To keep up with future sales and promotions, follow them on twitter, face book or pinterest.