Monday, September 28, 2015

Gaia Collective MoonBox

I have always considered myself a daughter of the moon, so when I heard about the Gaia Collective MoonBox, I knew it would be the perfect subscription box for me. Every month, just in time for the full moon, they send an amazing assortment of holistic products and beautiful gemstones to help you celebrate this powerful time of the month.

I was lucky enough to receive the September box, and what a great time to get it. Last night was the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.  I specifically waited for the eclipse to open my box and charge all the goodies inside with this powerful, magical energy.

As soon as I opened up my MoonBox, I was in love. They use real moss as packaging. Can you get any greener than that? This is the first time I saved the packing from a subscription box. I am sure I can find some way to reuse this beautiful stuff. Of course, the gifts inside the MoonBox were just as spectacular.   Here is a little about each item:

Lavender Wand- A beautiful bundle of dried lavender tied with a copper-colored cord. 

Gemstone - a piece of crystal quartz carved into an arrowhead and wrapped with gold wire.

Shea Body Butter - This little tin of body butter has the exotic scent of sandalwood and will leave your skin soft and touchable.

Full Moon Oil - This delightful oil is made using fresh herbs and natural essential oils. It's 100% organic and smells amazing.

Crystals- This month's package included three different crystals in a gossamer bag. There is Yellow Aventurine for the third eye charka, Pyrite for the solar plexus, and Bloodstone for the root and heart chakra.

In addition to all this, there was also a lovely scroll with some spiritual affirmations and a list of all the items inside the box, which will come in handy for anyone who is just learning about gemstones.  Finally, you can go online for an exclusive mediation that is also part of this month's subscription package.   All of the items in the box can also be purchased individually on their website.

I absolutely adore the Gaia Collection MoonBox.  It's a wonderful way to embrace the full moon and the sacredness of mother earth.  To learn more about the Gaia Collective or to start a subscription of your own, be sure to visit their website or follow them via social media.

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