Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Review: To The Sun and Back by April Awalt

April Awalt always told her son that she loved him to the moon and back – until he found out the sun was actually further away.

Awalt’s new book, To the Sun and Back, is a sweet tale of parental love. Awalt lost her son at age ten to meningitis. In the difficult times that followed, she found healing by remembering the happy times she shared with her son. Awalt wrote those feelings into To the Sun and Back so that other parents might use the book to share love with their own children.

My Thoughts

This was a cute book about a mom explaining the sun to her son. He wanted to know how the sun shined so bright and the mom goes into a fun detail explaining about the moon and sun in the sky. The story was about a mom sharing her love for her son.

This book was very short and I was able to read it quickly to my child. She seemed to enjoy the tale and the message behind it. I enjoyed the pictures in the book. You can tell they were handcrafted and colored by someone and then inserted in the book at printing. I liked that detail of it because it made the book feel very unique.

An adorable story about a mothers love for her child, and will have you rethinking the saying, "I love you to the moon and back."