Friday, August 28, 2015

Back to School with @Kohls #Yes2You

This year my daughter Willow will be starting kindergarten and my son is going to Pre-K. I can't believe they are already big enough to go to school! I started this blog when I was pregnant with my daughter, and many of you have watched my children grow up with me. Now, I'm getting ready to send them out into the great big world. It's a little scary for both of us, but Kohl's is helping make this transition easier.  Kohl's has millions of great deals in the store and an even bigger selection of products online! There are literally thousands of items to choose from,and everything you can possibly want for school kids of all ages.  

 Like all new school kids, my daughter is a little nervous about leaving me for the very first time. One of the ways I'm helping ease her into it, is by letting her pick out all her own clothes and accessories for school.  At Kohl's she was able to find tons of backpacks and school supplies as well as clothing and accessories .

The clothing selection they had for little ones was pretty impressive. They had so many styles to choose from. I found some adorable sets that are perfect for school. I love finding complete outfits so I don't have to worry about coordinating. Many of their tops come with  matching accessories.

Kohl's also has a whole line of Disney, Star Wars, and Avengers themed products.  Your favorite character can be proudly displayed on your shirt or even your book bag.

My kids really enjoyed their first school shopping trip at Kohl's. They loved everything they picked out and they are all ready to start school with a big smile. Here is the stash we got on our shopping trip. Not only did we can all this for a great price, we even got back $60 in Kohl's Cash to use on our next shopping trip.

We couldn't resist doing a little modeling in our new clothes. Here are our favorite back from our back to school shopping spree. From PJs to jackets, we found all this and more at Kohl's

These are just a few examples of the awesome Back-to-School essentials you can find at Kohl's. They have everything you need for kids of all ages. Make them your first stop and you won't need to go anywhere else!  To keep up with all the great products at Kohl's, check out their website or follow them on face book.


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