Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MagBelt by Mabzook

MagBelt by Magzook! A magnetic belt, you can adjust the size as you see fit! Great for Father's Day, after the summer BBQ, for holiday gift guide coverage, outdoor adventures and so much more! More information and photos are below! Magzook will be starting a Kickstarter page to raise additional funds for this awesome belt on June 3. If you are interested in featuring it, I'd love to get you a sample!! Let me know if I can send you a sample and what waist size, color belt (black, bronze, gold or grey) and color buckle! More information and photos are below. All the best, ~Chelsea

Meet the MagBelt by Magzook Tightening Systems. Your new favorite belt—because magnets are cool... and so are belts that stay in place...and adjust after a big meal (ahem).

MagBelt’s patent pending sliding magnet system makes a comfortable belt that looks great going from meetings to mountains. Available in four belt buckle colors, and four belt colors, which gives you 16 color combos to choose from. The MagBelt can also be used without the buckle for a more minimalist feel.
When Devin, the creator of MagBelt, realized that he could use magnets to keep his pants in place during long motorcycle rides, he started wondering what else he could improve with magnets. Not satisfied with current belts on the market, thanks to a lack of customization and the need to: add extra belt loops, have flap overhang, or deal with messy fraying that comes from cutting the belt (and also
losing that extra in case it’s needed in the future) he decided to do something about it. He asked his grandma to teach him how to sew on her 1951 Singer sewing machine and armed with an array of magnets and unwavering determination, found a way to turn the standard belt design into an innovative and magnetized option with the MagBelt. With two magnets and one revolutionary idea, Devin created a belt that will fit perfectly to your waistline with no holes, ratchets, clips, or flap overhang. It’s also adjustable, should your size fluctuate up or down.

Devin wanted to get the product to market quickly and was looking for a business partner to help him along the way. He met Kyle on a chance Lyft ride, showed him the MagBelt, and they soon decided to partner. After deciding to launch the MagBelt on Kickstarter next week (June 3), they knew they'd need a great video and asked Mike to fly down from Seattle and help them out. After seeing how awesome the MagBelt was and it's pants-hoisting potential, he joined the Magzook team.

MagBelt is the perfect belt for everyone: whether you're socializing at a networking meeting, or shredding the slopes.  
·      Great American made product
·      No belt loops, new holes, or messy belt flap overhang
·      Versatile color options means you can wear your MagBelt with slacks or ski pants
·      Easily adjust the size without permanently altering the belt, just in case
·      Belt will stay in place thanks to the MagBelt sliding magnet system
·      It has magnets, and magnets are cool
MagBelt launches their Kickstarter on June 3 and if you back the campaign, you will get a sweet belt. Give more and get more MagBelts—pretty much the definition of a win-win situation. If you want a belt that fits great, stays put, and looks awesome thanks to the simplistic and classic design, then you need a MagBelt. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci

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My Thoughts

This is a very cool belt and become a favorite of mine. It's so easy to use and I really like how it uses magnets to stay together. No latches, holes, etc. You simple adjust to where you need the belt that day and then click it together like a magnet.

It's stylish too. Works great with jeans and shorts. It's not dressy, so it might not be good for business attire, but for causal wear around the town, this works good. It's super easy to adjust, so if you've eaten a big meal and need to let out a bit, it doesn't require you to take the whole belt off. 

I liked the feel of the belt too. It was thick and sturdy, yet bent well with your waist/hips. It was a good quality too. I didn't find any snags or places it didn't look sewn well. Over all, a great belt and one I would recommend to other people.