Monday, July 13, 2015

Fun in the Sun with the Sailboat Sand Toy Set


 Have fun in the sun with Spielstabil’s 6-Piece Sand Toy Set!  Includes bucket, shovel, sieve, watering can, 2 sailboat sand molds, and sturdy, plastic, handle-bag. MSRP $39.99. Ages 2+. Available at

My Thoughts

There are some toys that never go out of style, and buckets and shovels are one of them. I live at the Jersey Shore, so I spend a lot of time at the beach. Every year I wind up buying a new set of buckets because they are usually so flimsy, but finally I found a quality set that can stand up to whatever my children can throw at them.

The  Spielstabil’s 6-Piece  Sand Toy Set comes with six pieces as well as a nice carry bag to store all of them.  The set includes a study shovel, a whale and snail sand mold, a sand sifter, a bucket, and a watering can.  This one set provided hours of fun for both my kids. They had a great time at the beach. Their favorite piece was definitely the watering can.  They ran back and forth from the ocean a dozen times to fill it up and pour the water.

All the pieces in the set are very well made with PVC-free plastic. They are a lot sturdier than most beach toys. The handles are thicker so they don't break off, and I have no fear of the buckets splitting like so many others I've purchased over the years.  This is a beach set that will definitely make it until next summer, and I know my children are going to get a lot of use of it.