Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Get your leg room back on planes with The Airhook

The Airhook is a patent-pending two part system: A stable drink holder and secure hook to mount your electronics device.

The Airhook Features:
Enjoy additional legroom by keeping tray table in its locked position
Universal electronics device holder supports phones & tablets up to 7.5 inches tall
Adjustable angle for reclined seats
Better viewing posture by mounting device closer to eye level
Great for children who need handsfree entertainment
Collapsible for easy carry-on storage
Perfect for holding your beverage & placing your laptop on your lap
Takes a top germ catcher, the tray table surface, out of the equation
Setup is simple and only takes a minute

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My Thoughts

This is a pretty neat little thing. My husband travels a lot and flies economy where leg room is sometimes an issue. Being able to to have a drink and a place to hang up a tablet is a plus. He currently doesn't use have a tablet he flies with, so he was only able to test out the feature of the cup, and was please with how easy it was to use on the back of the tray, giving his knees and legs room to move, while still being able to enjoy a drink.

The product we tested out was a 3D printed version and slightly different then what can be bought. Based on the item I received, I found it to be very durable. The cup holder was a hard plastic that wasn't at all flimsy and the part that attached on and has a bungee type cord on it to hold your tablet in place, seemed to be well made. I can't say how well it hold your tablet, but I would imagine well. On the cup holder, there is a place to slide the tablet in and then the bungee cord comes around back and the hook holds the tablet. It seems to me it would be very durable.

The cup  holder help an average sized cup you would get on a plane. Overall, this is a great product and I think it's a must have for anyone who travels a lot.