Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A new way to iron from Downy

Line dried clothing smells great, but it certainly doesn't dry wrinkle free. Rather than getting out the iron and ironing board to press sheets, socks, shirts and pants, this summer you can make a quick stop at Target to pick up the new Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus Fresh Linen. The new scent leaves clothes smelling fresh and with a quick spritz, tug and smoothing with the hand, clothes and linens can be hung up to dry without wrinkles. Ironing is no longer a hot chore that traps you indoors this summer. Just spray and go put your feet up and sip lemonade in the time you saved.

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My Thoughts

My husband is the one who does all the ironing in my home. He is super picky when it comes to how his clothes are pressed. When this arrived, I took out a bottle and gave it to him. I figured I'd wait and see if he used it or not since he is picky. The next time he ironed, he used it. And the verdict is, he loved it. He loved how much easier it was to iron his clothes for work and really enjoyed the fresh scent.

This can be used without an iron as well on clothes. For wrinkles in T-shirts, you can can spray the shirt down and give it a few tugs and leave up hanging. When it dries, the wrinkles are gone. We tested this on a few polo shirts as well, and found it worked well on that thicker material also.

Another plus, is it also eliminates odor in fabrics. I tested this after coming back from a trip and a few items of clothes got rained on in a bad and were musty smelling. I sprayed this on the clothes and after trying, they had a light and fresh scent.

I really liked the Downy Wrinkle Release and it will now have a permanent home at my house.